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District Secretariat,

Matale, Sri Lanka.

Tele: (+94) 066 2222233

Fax : (+94) 066 2226542


Information is a right. It is not a trade item. The objective is make aware citizens by a better approach. The citizens could be obtained all information except exceptional matters.

Assistant District Secretary
Mrs. H.M.M.C.P. Hindagoda
Telephone:(+94) 066 2222215


Additional District Secretary (Land)
Mr. I.D.P. Wijethilake
Telephone:(+94) 066 22226673
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  1. Registration of Private Security Agencies

Mahathala Literature Festival which organized by Mahathala Literature subcommittee will be held on 05th, 06th and 07th of September 2018 at Hotel School Auditorium, Matale.

Further a decision has been taken to hold a Literature competition for public servants in concurrent with the festival.

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